'Back on Top' Kit - 3 Sarah Key Books

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The 'Back on Top' Book Kit is the ideal self-help reading library for people with aches and pains who want to do more themselves. It's Sarah Key's complete trilogy of explanation and care for the human skeleton: the different parts of the spine and all the major joints too. 

The Book Kit contains the latest editions of Back Sufferers’ Bible, Body In Action and Back in Action 

The three books cover the spectrum of developmental problems affecting the joints -  what we call the musculo-skeletal disorders. You are taken though all the commonly asked questions about your back, say, such as why sitting might be painful. But you will also learn why your big toe might be stiff, or why your shoulder has a painful arc of movement.

All the common joint syndromes are discussed in detail by Sarah Key - and most importantly - what you can do about it yourself.

The Book Kit allows you to understand your problems, how one problem leads to another and what you need to be doing to fix things. You will be taken through the yoga-based exercises Sarah uses with her patients.

The three books are identical in size and displayed in a handsome slipcase. The Back on Top kit makes a superb gift.

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