Sarah Key's Problem Back Masterclasses Levels 1 & 2

$950.00 AUD

Sarah Key's Problem Back Masterclasses are all about the biomechanical treatment of back pain. And the importance of patient self treatment.
Commenced in 2003 in both the UK and Australia, they have recently changed to webinar delivery of the Theory element (9 lectures and exams for Levels 1 and 2). These lectures focus mainly on Sarah's 5 stages of spinal breakdown, followed by 2-day Practical Adjuncts to learn more of the hands on. We say hands on, but really it's feet-on, as Sarah's famous for teaching physios the ease (and the excellence) of using this type of treatment - for both patients and therapists. The Practical Adjuncts also include teaching patients to do their own spinal decompression (the BackBlock). 

Levels 1 and 2 of the Problem Back MasterClasses must be completed together. They comprise 30 CPD hours (a 4-day equivalent course) THEY INCLUDE ONLINE THEORY WEBINARS, MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAMS + 2-DAY PRACTICAL ADJUNCTS

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